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Builders like Del Webb are moving towards tankless water heaters


Several communities like Sun City Festival and Corte Bella are moving towards more energy efficient construction. Here’s a brief explanation of how the tankless water heater works.

Popular in Europe and Japan for many years, “on-demand, tankless” water heaters are beginning to attract more attention in North America. Tankless heaters are relatively compact wall-mounted units, fueled either by gas or electricity that are designed to produce hot water only when needed. When a hot water faucet is turned on at a household fixture, cold water begins to flow through coils in the unit and is instantaneously heated to a preset temperature, then distributed to the plumbing fixture.

When first introduced years ago, few builders or homeowners became interested because of their relatively high price and reliability problems. But the continuing escalation of fuel costs and the redesign of many units to eliminate some of the earlier problems has led to renewed interest, primarily in new construction, but for replacement of old or leaking conventional tank-type units as well. The key benefits touted in the marketing of these units are their energy efficiency, limited space requirements, and ability to supply hot water whenever needed.

While these units will supply hot water on demand, they are not designed for high water volume. Typically, tankless heaters provide adequate hot water at a normal water flow rate of 2 to 4 gallons per minute. They can provide adequate hot water as long as the draw through the system doesn’t exceed design ratings. However, if there is a demand for hot water from many different fixtures at one time, a tankless heater may not be able to keep up. Hot water will continue to be produced however; the high volume will result in a lower supply temperature.

Most of these units also have a minimum operating flow rate and pressure. At very low flow rates, for example, less than 0.5 gallons a minute, the unit may stop producing hot water. The primary reason for this limitation is that it is difficult to maintain a safe water supply temperature at low water flow rates.

Undoubtedly, the reduced space need is a plus for almost all installations – not only because the unit takes up less physical space but because the smaller size provides options on placement in many different areas of a house that could not accommodate a large storage tank.

To meet an expected high demand, multiple tankless heaters can be installed at one central location, or several units can be distributed throughout the house. A tankless unit can also be used as an indirect heater by installing an insulated storage tank. The feasibility of this option, however, must be weighed against the cost of installing a conventional water heater.

When contemplating installing one of these units, homeowners must look at all the costs and benefits versus storage tank type units. Review specific manufacturer information and realize that, at least initially, switching to a tankless heater will likely mean some adjustments in hot water usage patterns.

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Questions about buying an “over 55″ home in Arizona?

Here are a few more questions we answer in our 33 page “Guide to buying an active adult home” that you can get free by visiting Retiring To Arizona!

Q:   Are some communities bigger than others? Which ones?
A:  Our active adult communities range in size from 1,700 homes all the way up to 26,000 homes. Here’s a breakdown:
•    Arizona Traditions has 1,750 homes
•    Canta Mia will have 1,950 homes
•    Corte Bella has 1,650 homes
•    Pebble Creek has 6,200 homes
•    Sun City has 26,082 homes
•    Sun City Festival has 7,200 homes (when completed)
•    Sun City Grand has 9,820 homes
•    Sun City West has 16,900 homes
•    Sundance has 1,750 homes
•    Trilogy at Vistancia has 2,450 homes (when completed)
•    Ventana Lakes has 2,200 homes
•    Westbrook Village has 3,992 homes.

Q:  I’ve heard some active adult communities are older than others? How do I find out?
A:  Our communities all started with Sun City back in the early 60’s and they are still building new active adult communities today. Here’s a breakdown of the areas:
•    Arizona Traditions was built in the late 90’s and finished in 2000
•    Canta Mia is brand new in the fall of 2010
•    Corte Bella was built from the late 90’s and finished in 2005
•    Pebble Creek started in the late 80’s and are still building today
•    Sun City was built from the early 60’s through the late 70’s
•    Sun City Festival started in 2006 and is still building today
•    Sun City Grand was built from the mid 90’s and finished in 2002
•    Sun City West was built from the early 70’s and finished in 2000
•    Sundance started about 2000 and they are still building
•    Trilogy at Vistancia started in 2004 and they are still building today
•    Ventana Lakes was built from the late 90’s and finished in 2003
•    Westbrook Village was built from the mid 80’s through the early 90’s

Q:  Someone told me the average age of communities vary? Is there really a difference?
A:  That one is tough to say because they do not release exact numbers on this but you can assume the older the community the older the average age of the population will be. Bottom line is only the brand new communities really have a big difference in average age from everyone else.

Fabulous home in Corte Bella Sun City West, Arizona


They say home is where the heart is, well this one is full of heart. From the moment you drive up you will feel like you just entered a quaint little Italian villa. This home is stunning!

This 3 bedroom home offers over 3,027 sq ft of upscale living space in Corte Bella. Corte Bella is an upscale active adult (over 55) community located northeast of the Phoenix area that offers all the amneities you would need. The granite countertops are perfectly matched to the granite backsplash; the tile, set at a diagnal is 18” and in all the right places; the fireplace for those chilly winter nights warms the heart as well; the spaciousness perfectly designed for the entertainer in you. Don’t miss this one, your life is about to change.

This home is priced at $455,000 and is ready for you to move in.

Click here to see more photos and details!